Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Doubts from The Blue Watcher

Refuge Point, Arathi Highlands

Tiberio circled above the battle unfolding below, the gyrocopter's engine whirring as the heat of the day beat down on the metallic framework. Leaning out of the gyrocopter, he surveyed the figures below, brutally charging forth into each other, leading to their ultimate destruction. He motionned with his right hand to the pilot, Boltswagon, who in turn nodded. The gyrocopter began to lower its altitude, the blades gradually slowing the rate at which they were rotating. An arrow pinged against the shining steel hull of the machine, creating a small indentation, exposing the dull metal which was formerly hidden by the shining exterior. Stepping out of the gryocopter, he looked to the guards and Alliance soldiers fighting off the attackers. The gyropcopter's blades began to speed up again, and it took off. Running for the nearest shelter, he yelled for a report on the situation. The Second Gurubashi Empire, and their allies once again, so it seemed.

Tiberio stood at the base of Refuge Point, overlooking the conflict, his eyes darting from target to target, attempting to identify them. Blood stained the grass like a Vantisello painting, the colours blending together to form a reddish-brown pigment. He sighed slowly - Was what he was doing right? Tiberio Dawnspeaker, High Arcanist of The Shining Strand, Dictator of the Murder of Hundreds. Would that be what he was remembered as? The doubt had been at the back of his mind, brooding like a widow spider does over her eggs, ever since the apparently crazed prophet Ravensong had sent him the warnings. But Ravensong was not the only one - There were others, of whom he did not know the name. He closed his mind to the thought, and continued the fight regardless. A minion of the human's primal urge to kill.

In the midst of battle, he looked to the left over towards Dabeyrie's Farmstead to see a silhouette against the sky. A tall, slender humanoid. Captivated with interest, the gnome's instinct of curiousity was ignited, and he strode over towards the figure. The Blue Watcher. It was not the first time he had ever seen this troll in particular, but it was intriguing how she was present at many an event - Never participating, but just watching, clothed in her long blue robe, her face covered by her azure mask. Hence he reffered to her as "The Blue Watcher." Otister of Silverpine had already tried to draw her into the battle by attacking her. Perhaps a foolish move to a neutral bystander, but this was The Shining Strand. They did not share the same views as Tiberio - All Trolls are branded with the same mark in the Strand, and therefore the same punishment - Death. As he approached warily, she fled on her raptor to the south. Yet again his instinct of curiousity controlled him - He followed her, mounted on his gleaming mechanostrider, motioning for her to calm in an attempt to get her to stop. It was hard to satisfy a gnome's curiousity at times, and Tiberio's curiousity was no exception. Suddenly she slowed, and turned to face Tiberio. The Blue Watcher, and The Nether Expert face to face. Her eyes seemed somehow beautiful to Tiberio - They emitted a red fierce glow, with a piercing stare. Did this reflect the hidden personality inside himself? The cold, harsh, Tiberio? He peered at her, intruiged by her role on Azeroth, and her presence at such events. From her robe she withdrew an object, causing Tiberio to recoil defensively. It was not a weapon of violence, but a weapon of peace. A letter, grasped by the troll's long fingers. He waited, examining the situation, and reached forward, taking the letter. He glanced at the letter, and then up towards The Blue Watcher. She smiled, and then motioned to the letter slowly. Looking down once again, he peered at the cryptic troll-tongue it was written in. He looked up once again, to see her vanished. The Blue Watcher, left as mysteriously as she arrived.

"Enough fighting for tonight, Chofip" he whispered slowly. Was this just a coincidence, or was it intended? Had the hand of fate once again intervened in the legacy of Tiberio Dawnspeaker? He folded the letter, and slipped it inside his robe pocket once again. He knew a translator of the troll-tongue in Stormwind, who had dedicated his life to the study of their relics. "We shall return to Stormwind."

Upon the careful inspection of the letter, the letter had been translated. Tiberio eyed it suspiciously, his eyes flicking across the parchment picking out the key details. He sighed, and threw the letter down on the table in despair. Perhaps his conscience was telling him the truth:

"I sent a warning. Yet despite my recommendations, the guards were not kept vigilant. And now the survivors of Stromgarde paid the price for your lapse of judgement.

I have multiple times tried to approach the Alliance, to find at least one voice of reason. Yet my gestures were invariably met with treason. You were not an exception. If you truly believe in the ideals the Alliance claims to follow, then listen. And listen well, because this is the last time.

The Second Gurubashi Empire is a threat to both the Alliance and the Horde. You have seen their unwarranted brutality and the results of their forbidden rituals. But I know the reason behind their aggression. I know their goals. I know their command structure. I know whose unwitting puppets they are.

And I know how to end it all.

If you are interested, then travel to Stranglethorn Vale. Find a goblin called Skindle. He can relay your reply to me and a meeting can be arranged."

OOC: Shalkis's (The Blue Watcher) account of the events can be found at the following link: http://shalkis.blogspot.com/2006/12/spider-and-gnome.html

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